UAE’s long-term Visa policy brings an outstanding opportunity for the Investors.

How can Investors get a long-term VISA in the UAE?

The extended time frame of this visa policy will allow the investors to not only invest in their businesses, but to work and analyze on their growth first hand.

Here is how investors can get UAE’s long-term Golden VISA;
  • Property Investors who are investing AED 5 Million and more are eligible be granted residence visa for five good years.
  • Investors who are investing through deposits, established businesses, business partnerships worth value of AED 10 Million or more.
  • Also, if the total investment of the investor is not less than AED 10 Million (no real estate investments) he will be able to attain a long-term renewable residency visa every 10 years.

How the Golden VISA policy of UAE is beneficial for general and real estate investors?

The Golden VISA policy of UAE is highly beneficial for general and real estate investors because it gives them the chance of a lifetime to invest and grow their businesses in UAE.

Furthermore, by doing so, they contribute to the Region’s socio-economic growth by bringing in innovation, creativity, technology and sustainability. Real estate investors will gain a lot in this regard as in accordance with Dubai’s Master Urban Plan, around 550,000 units will be allotted to the real estate sector. Therefore, this Golden VISA policy of UAE is the call to global real estate investors and other individuals of special talents to invest in this modern Deserts cape which is on the run to become the world’s leading cities in economic and developmental growth.

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